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In response to frequent requests by members to make long out-of-print volumes available again, the VRS is re-publishing selected volumes from its First and Second Series.

To distinguish these from the originals, the reprints are quite different in appearance  - they are A5-sized paperbacks with light blue paper covers. In no way are they meant to compete with the originals. Their chief value lies in their content, which again becomes available to the public after many decades. Copies may be purchased from the VRS. (NB Delivery may take some time as reprinting is done in batches of ten).

First Series: Volume 1. Reports of De Chavonnes and his Council, and of Van Imhoff, on the Cape.

First Series: Volume 2
Mentzel, O.F. - Life at the Cape in the mid-eighteenth century, being the biography of Rudolph Siegfried Allemann

First Series: Volume 3
De Mist, J.A. - Memorandum containing recommendations for the form and administration of government at the Cape of Good Hope, 1802.

First Series: Volume 4
Mentzel, O.F. - A geographical-topographical description of the Cape of Good Hope. Part I

First Series: Volume 5
. Collectanea

First Series: V
olume 6. Mentzel, O.F. - A geographical-topographical description of the Cape . Part II


First Series: Volume 7. The Diary of the Rev. Francis Owen

First Series: Volume 8.
The Wreck of the Grosvenor 

First Series: Volume 9 Die Dagboek van Hendrik Witbooi,

First Series: Volume 12: Journals of the expedition of the Honourable Ensign Olof Bergh [1682 and 1683] and Isaq Schrijver [1689]

First Series: Volume 14: The early Cape Hottentots

First Series: Volume 15: The Journal of Hendrik Jacob Wikar [1779] and Journals of   Jacobus Coetse Jansz [1760] and Willem van Reenen [1791]

First Series: Volume 16 Nathaniel Isaacs. Travels and adventures... vol 1

First Series: Volume 17 Nathaniel Isaacs. Travels and adventures... vol 2                            

First Series: Volume 18:
Die Joernaal van Dirk Gysbert van Reenen, 1803


First Series: Volume 24: Teenstra, M D - De vruchten mijner werzaamheden, gedurende mijne reizen over de Kaap de Goede Hoop..

First Series: Volume 25. Mentzel, O.F. - A geographical-topographical description of the Cape of Good Hope. Part III.


Second Series: Volume 6. Sparrman, A. - Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope, 1772-1776. Part I

Second Series: Volume 7. Sparrman, A. - Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope, 1772-1776. Part II


The prices for reprints for members in Southern Africa and members in other countries are summarised in the table below. Postage and packaging cost are to be added. 


Member         (Southern Africa)

Non-Member (Southern Africa)

Member (Foreign)

Non-Member (Foreign)

I - Vol 12,15,18, 24 & 25

R 235

R 285

R 395

R 515

II -  Vol 6 & 7

R 235

R 285

R 395

R 515

I Vol 16 & 17

R 215

R 265

R 350

R 460

I -  Vol 3,5 & 9

R 190

R 230

R 320

R 410

I - Vol 7 & 8

R 165

R 200

R 265

R 340

All others Reprints

R 155

R 185

R 260

R 330


 Prices for Bookshops are available on request

Please request an invoice if ordering several volumes: Postage depends on weight of books.


Please note that full payment must be made before any items are supplied. Payment details are given below the form. However, the Society might need to contact you, once they have calculated postage, to inform you of the total amount due.

To order a VRS reprint e-mail us at office@vanrs.co.za or phone us at 021 423 8424, leave a message or visit us at our office during office hours.

Office Hours, effective from January 2018, Wednesdays and Fridays 10h00 to 13h00  Outside of office hours please leave a telephone message or for very urgent matters contact Rolf Proske on 071 077 1672.                                                                                Our office is located in the Centre for the Book, Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town.


 Alternatively go to the Order a Publication Page or complete the following form:

Volume Number:
First Name:
Postal Address:
Postal Code:

Payments should be made by direct deposit (EFT or Cash) into our bank account Account Holder: Van Riebeeck Society
Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa
Branch: Thibault Square, Cape Town
Branch Code: 02 090 9
Account Number: 07 051 2035
Account Type: Current Account
SWIFT code (for international transfers): SBZAZAJJ

Overseas clients should use Paypal the email address to use is vanriebk@mweb.co.za