Agenda for the 93rd Annual General Meeting of the Van Riebeeck Society for the Publication of Southern African Historical Documents (VRS), held at the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa, 17 Milner Road, Rondebosch 18h00 on Thursday 14th June 2012.

1. Welcome & apologies.
2. In Memoriam.
3. Confirmation of minutes of 92nd AGM held on 3rd November 2011.
4. Matters arising from the minutes.
5. Treasurer's report.
6. Chairman's annual report.
7. A.O.B.

1. Welcome and apologies

The Chairman, Prof Howard Phillips, welcomed the approximately 60 members present. Apologies were recorded (as per the attached list).

2. In Memoriam

Members stood for a moment’s silence whilst the Chairman read out the list of members who had died since the previous AGM (list attached).

3. Confirmation of the Minutes of the 92nd AGM held on 3 November 2011

The minutes had been displayed on the VRS website, while copies were available at the AGM as well. Acceptance of the minutes was proposed by Tanya Barben and seconded by Jan Truter. They were signed once accepted by all without discussion.

4. Matters arising from the minutes

Cora Ovens reported that in answer to a request last year that the financial statements be sent out prior to the AGM, she had sent the statements by email to all who had indicated they would be at the AGM.

5. Treasurer’s Report

The annual statements had been circulated and were also available at the AGM. The auditor was satisfied with the VRS’s handling of financial matters. Although direct income was not enough to cover publication costs plus overheads, income from investments was sufficient to make up the shortfall. The book value of investments is over R1 million, which is an increase of 10% over the previous year.

Mr Westra also referred to the interim statement from January to June 2012, which showed the same trends as in the previous year. Surpluses in the current account were transferred to a savings account and from there they were invested to bring extra income. Mr Wittenberg enquired about interest rates in the savings account (about 4%) and long-term investments (about 6%). To this Mr Westra provided satisfactory answers. Acceptance of the financial statements was proposed by A van Zyl and seconded by Chris van der Merwe. Prof Phillips led a round of applause to thank Mr Westra for his prudent management of the VRS’s finances.

6. Chairman’s annual report (attached)

After Professor Phillips had presented the annual report for 2011/12, Ian Farlam proposed a vote of thanks to Professor Phillips for his inspirational leadership of the VRS. Margaret Kooy asked what would happen if the annual volume was heavier than 1 kilogramme – the answer is that the volume would be divided into two volumes, published in consecutive years. Margaret du Toit proposed that members should start collecting their annual volumes from the VRS office. Cora Ovens explained that, unfortunately, it was not always possible to predict exactly when the volume would become available, and that the printer required stamped padded envelopes well in advance of the publication date. Subsidies for volumes were mentioned – it is easy enough to get them for Afrikaans volumes, but not for English ones.

Con de Wet proposed accepting the report and A van Zyl seconded the motion which was carried unanimously.

7. Any Other Business


The meeting ended at 19h00.








S A Craven

Gerda Burns

Derek Schreuder from Australia sends special greeting to Friend Peter Limb

James McGregor

Douglas McClure

Tony van Ryneveld

V C Malherbe

Malcolm Jack

Bill McAdam

Sally Titlestad

Beatrice Law

Roger Cleaver

Janette Deacon

Patrick Chapman

Dr P du Preez

Chris Maytham

R Klinkert

Neville Attridge

John & Veda Carver

Georgina Hamilton

Merton and Jen Dagut

John Eloff

John Rainier

Pieter Kapp

Roy Norman

Patricia Pickstone

Robert van Zyl

Dr & Mrs J T Mets

Prof Alan Morris

Anne Gray

Robert & Sandy Shell


In Memoriam 2012

Dr Anthony Teggin;

Mr M Dower

Mr J H Hanssen;

Mr R J Dekker;

Mr W R Scurr;

Mrs E Jack

Mr P G Bruwer

Prof Philip Tobias